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Northern Lights Gymnastics Inc

94 Olcott Dr,
White River Junction, VT 05001

The mission of Northern Lights Gymnastics is to provide a fun and safe environment within which children of all ages can learn gymnastics. Our goal is to help build children's self-esteem and confidence as they successfully learn gymnastics skills. To this end, we carefully teach basic skills and continually reinforce and build on these skills. Our recreational and pre-school programs promote fun and cooperation rather than competition.

Northern Lights Gymnastics runs a wide variety of classes during the school year and is open Monday through Saturday. We offer classes to preschool aged children as well as older children and even have adult classes! Our trampoline classes provide an excellent opportunity to work on cross-training skills and we have special times set aside for children who are being home-schooled. We have a preteam which gives girls a taste of competition and an opportunity to see whether they would like to pursue gymnastics more seriously. We also run a competition-level gymnastics team for more advanced gymnasts, providing coaching and competition opportunities for gymnasts from Levels 3 - 10 and Bronze - Diamond. During the summer months, we run a scaled-down version of classes, along with some camps; we also offer vacation camps and can even host birthday parties on Saturdays!

There are five preschool class sessions each academic year. Sessions run from 5 to 9 weeks, depending on school vacations. There are also three recreational sessions each academic year for school-aged children. In our preschool and recreational programs, we work to develop body awareness and cooperation. With younger children, we help develop the ability to follow directions. Children of all ages are encouraged to challenge themselves at the gym. Expectations of gymnastics skills increase as children move through our program. By following proper gymnastics progressions, we ensure both safety and success.