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Get To Know Frank Rivera’s Floral Studio And Store—Fleurish

Jul 17, 2023 05:35PM ● By Rose Terami Photos Provided By Fleurish

All photos provided by: Frank Rivera’s floral studio and store—Fleurish

Nestled in the quaint village of Woodstock, Frank Rivera’s floral studio and store—Fleurish—opened last fall. Frank has already established strong ties to the community through his elegant floral arrangements, and offers local delivery options that are geared toward making Fleurish’s floral designs more accessible for customers.

Frank’s delicate and poised bouquets can be designed to suit any occasion, and local flowers and inspiration from Vermont flora and fauna are incorporated into each art piece. To get a sense of Fleurish’s offerings, we asked Frank a few questions about his business. Read on to find out more about how he creates his stunning bouquets, and how you can get your hands on one!

Q: How and when did Fleurish start? What was your vision like in the beginning and how has it changed since then, if at all?

A: Fleurish officially started in September 2022. My vision for the business was to be able to provide flower delivery services in the area in a way that was quick and easy for the customer. I also wanted to offer a new perspective on flowers and foliage by pulling inspiration from our surroundings here in Vermont and capturing it in each design. The vision remains the same; if anything, the vision feels clearer and I have been able to zoom in on aspects of the business that I believe best serve my clients.


Q: Where does the name Fleurish come from?

A: When I moved to Vermont, I had quickly learned about the French heritage here and I wanted to acknowledge that. I always enjoy a play on words, and I wanted to have a simple name that might have a memorable effect.


Q: What products or services do you offer?

A: I currently offer three different flower arrangement options: the Bouq, the Gesture, and the Celebration. In the store, I have a selection of gifts including scented candles, Swedish candy boxes, handmade pottery, ceramics and glass, kokedamas, incense, hand-dyed cashmere sweaters, artworks, bath linens, and vintage books that relate to floral design. Lastly, I also offer design services for dinner parties, corporate events, funerals, window boxes, the holidays, and weddings.


Q: What is the process of making a flower bouquet like?

A: First and foremost, it starts when I am shopping with local growers—which flower stands out, and from there I begin thinking about designing a bouquet in terms of colors and form. I always start with the focus flowers and then bring in the secondary flowers that kind of support the look and feel. I then add gestural elements—something tall and wispy or an accent flower that is tiny and unimposing. I then add texture floral or foliage to kind of tie everyone in. I sometimes like to add an "Easter egg," which is one of something. Not random, but a flower that plays into the palette and could be a nice surprise for someone who might be a little more observant than others. The most important part is keeping a loose grip on the stems when arranging and watching each stem for their form and movement. Leaning into what they're already doing and highlighting them in the best possible way will always ensure a beautiful bouquet.


Q: What kinds of occasions would a Fleurish bouquet or arrangement work well for?

A: My favorite expression is “special moments and just because!”


Q: How long does a bouquet last? Are there methods to help make a bouquet last longer?

A: Two things are important: temperature and hydration. Keeping flowers in a cool place once they have arrived is a good way to ensure your flowers will last longer. Keeping your flowers hydrated will also help with this. A fresh cut at the bottom of the stems allows the flower to "drink" and hydrate thoroughly. Switching out the water for fresh water also helps!


Q: What is your favorite flower?

A: I have so many favorite flowers! Too many to count. I will say that my favorite right now is Gillenia. It's a native plant that flowers, and when it does it is so special.


Q: Where is Fleurish located?

A: Fleurish is located at 2174 Maxham Meadow Way in the Mill building right as you enter Woodstock from Taftsville. It's a sweet spot that looks over Billings Farm on the other side of the Ottauquechee River.


Q: When are you open?

A: Currently, I am open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm. Monday and Tuesday I am in the studio and you can visit if you make an appointment. I run deliveries on all days throughout the week.


Q: How much does a bouquet cost?

A: All of the flowers in store are available to purchase by the stem. Prices vary depending on the variety of the flower. So you can create any size you wish and use any flowers you like. I offer one bouquet that is not too small and not too large. The Bouq is priced at $60.


Q: Do you deliver? If so, how can someone arrange a delivery from you?

A: I do deliver! The easiest way to place your order is by doing so online at

I deliver as far north as Barnard to Bridgewater, Quechee/Hartland, and through to Reading. You can get more information regarding deliveries on my website.


Q: Is there anything else you want people to know?

A: I would invite anyone reading this to reach out, follow me on social media, and come in to visit! I enjoy connecting and meeting with people in our community. I look forward to meeting you.

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