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Get To Know Chocolate Fusion Co. Made In Vermont

Jun 26, 2023 10:52PM ● By Rose Terami

Photo from Chocolate Fusion Facebook page.

There’s a new way for Upper Valley residents to satisfy their chocolate cravings, and that’s Chocolate Fusion Co!

Owners Paige Hiller and Lindsay Rogers, who founded the chocolate company last fall, bring an equal dose of fun and deliciousness to chocolate-making. You can purchase Chocolate Fusion chocolates online or pick them up in person at pop-up events from time to time.

To get to know Chocolate Fusion Company, we asked Paige and Lindsay a few questions about who they are, how things got started, and what there is to look forward to. Keep reading to find out how Chocolate Fusion company came to be.


Q: What is the story behind Chocolate Fusion? When did it start, and why?

A: The short version is that we were friends from birth, thanks to the close friendship of our parents, and grew up in New Jersey together until Lindsay moved to California at age six. But long landline phone calls and very regular letter writing kept us close, and family trips—to the east and west—afforded regular opportunities for us to connect in person. Lindsay went east for college, so we were in close proximity for some years again, but ultimately, we settled, got married, and had kids and careers on opposite coasts. We remained in touch during those busy years, but as our empty nests loomed, discussions of a proverbial second act brought us together again in earnest. Paige had taken a chocolate-making course and had become a certified chocolatier; Lindsay had always thought it would be fun to build a company from scratch, and the time was right. About nine months ago (in the fall of 2022), we decided to go for it and get some chocolates ready to sell for the holidays.


Q: What kinds of chocolates do you sell? Do you have any other offerings?

A: Our signature almond toffee; chocolate hearts (milk chocolate with caramelized hazelnuts; white chocolate with dried cherries and roasted pistachios; and dark chocolate with caramelized almonds, coconut, and sea salt) and hand-painted bonbons (coconut sea salt, raspberry orange, and dulce salted caramel).


Q: Where are you located and when are you open? Do you offer in-store shopping or only shipping?

A: We sell online ( and have hosted local pop-up shops at Simon Pearce in Quechee. No storefront (yet).


Q: What are the most popular chocolates that you sell?

A: Definitely our signature toffee.


Q: What is your favorite chocolate and why?

A: Paige loves a big piece of toffee with a cold glass of milk. Lindsay loves a box of milk chocolate hearts with caramelized hazelnuts—all four pieces.


Q: What do you enjoy about making chocolate?

A: Making (beautiful) chocolate requires both artistry and precision. And not every batch works to our satisfaction! The iterative process of balancing the flavor and texture and visual appeal of each and every chocolate provides a pretty intoxicating challenge—and when we get it right, every little chocolate feels like a win.


Q: Do your offerings ever change? How do you come up with new recipes?

A: It’s very easy for us to get sidetracked thinking about new flavor combinations and color palettes for our heart and bonbon collections. We find ourselves regularly inspired by the perfect container of blueberries at a farmers’ market or a great dessert at a new restaurant or even a beautiful painting. Summer is proving to be a great time of year for us to experiment with new recipes, share our favorite new chocolates with a group of discerning friends, and incorporate their feedback into perfecting our products for the coming season.


Q: Is there anything else you want people to know about you or Chocolate Fusion?

A: Between the two of us we have six kids ages 17 to 22. They push us, criticize our social media strategy, and demand free chocolate. But they are also our biggest, most encouraging, and most inspiring supporters.

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