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Get To Know Flourish Beauty Lab In White River Junction

Dec 02, 2022 07:40PM ● By Rose Terami

Photography By Lynn Bohannon

Skin and body care products are part of a vast industry with dozens of options to choose from, and sometimes it’s hard to know what products might be suitable for your skin type, sensitivities, and other preferences. At Flourish Beauty Lab in White River Junction, these products are made in-store with careful attention to their ingredients, making them suitable for all skin types, especially those that are more sensitive than others. Kirsten Connor, who founded Flourish about 20 years ago, shares some of the inspiration behind her business, how she makes her products, and why they’re a good fit for anyone and everyone. Stop in to test some products, treat yourself, or buy the gift of skincare for a friend this holiday season!

Question: What is Flourish Beauty Lab?

Answer: Flourish is a small-batch hair and skin care manufacturer here in the Upper Valley. We have a retail store attached to our manufacturing studio.

Q: How did Flourish start and why?

A: Flourish started close to 20 years ago when I began having serious skin issues due to autoimmune issues. Even though I was using products from the co-op with what I thought were very clean ingredients, I kept having reactions.

Q: Where is Flourish Beauty Lab?

A: We are in downtown White River Junction.

Q: When is Flourish open?

A: Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 5:30 pm and Monday and Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm.

Q: What kinds of products does Flourish offer?

A: Shampoos and conditioners for different hair types, styling products, facial cleansers, serums, moisturizers and masks, and a full range of body care.

Q: What other services does Flourish offer?

A: We don’t offer “services” exactly, but we do have some fun interactive offerings. We have what we call a facial flight based on samplings you get when you visit a brewery or distillery. It’s a mini collection of all of our facial products that you can try on here in the store while you’re sitting at our Beauty Bar. This way you can watch how your skin reacts to different products as you apply them.

We also have some amazing herbal blends for facial steaming, which you can try at our steam machines. They are amazing for adding hydration in the winter.

Q: How are Flourish products made? What kinds of ingredients do you use and why?

A: All of our products are made in small batches and by hand. We really are ingredient fanatics! Just as an example, shea butter is an amazing ingredient for your skin and you find it in so many products. But it is a nut butter and it also causes sensitizing in people who have a latex allergy, so lots of people cannot use products that contain it. As a replacement, we use mango butter, which doesn’t have any of those issues. We consider this with every product we make to be sure there are no hidden problems. Another example is that so many people have eyelid irritation that is a result of either cocamidopropyl betaine or phenoxyethanol reactions. These two ingredients are the most common cleanser and preservative in “green” shampoos and washes, and this reaction is extremely common. That is why all of our formulas steer clear of these known irritants.

Q: Who can use Flourish’s skin and body care products?

A: Everyone! These are not boring/unscented/clinical products. They are super nutritious and fun to use.

Q: What do you want people to know about Flourish Beauty Lab?

A: In addition to our dedication to clean ingredients, we offer a refill option for all of our products. If you come back to the store with your Flourish bottle and refill that product four times, the fifth fill is free! For all of our customers around the country, we ship refill pouches that are double the original container size so you can refill/reuse your bottle. And we take the pouch back to recycle via our partnership with Terracycle.

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