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Welcome 89 Donuts To The Upper Valley

Jul 11, 2022 02:27PM ● By Rose Terami

Greg and his daughters Lydia and Isabelle at the West Lebanon location.

89 Donuts, a business that operates several Dunkin' franchises throughout New Hampshire, is bringing a new location to the Upper Valley in just a few weeks. Located at 388 Miracle Mile, the new 89 Donuts location will serve the regular Dunkin' menu, with drive-through and in-store grab-and-go ordering options available. Company owner Greg Sagris shares everything you need to know about the new location coming to town this summer.


Question: What is 89 donuts?

Answer: 89 Donuts, LLC is the entity that holds our Dunkin' franchises. We currently own a majority (though not all) of the Dunkin' restaurants along Interstate 89 in New Hampshire, thus I thought that would be a fitting name.


Q: Where are you located?

A: Our office is in the Dunkin' in Henniker, New Hampshire. We also own the Dunkin' restaurants in Hopkinton, Bradford, New London, Grantham, Enfield, and West Lebanon on 89. Additionally, we recently entered the Nashua market and have two locations there.


Q: What will you serve at the new Miracle Mile location?

A: The full delicious Dunkin' menu of coffee, cold brews, frozen drinks, and espresso-based beverages, all paired with breakfast sandwiches, afternoon snacks, and baked goods.


Q: When will the store be open?

A: There have unfortunately been many setbacks in the development of this project, most stemming from trying to achieve permitting and construction during a pandemic with a bit of global supply-chain issues sprinkled in. While these delays were out of our control, we are finally in the home stretch. I had hoped to be open by the end of this month; however, I think a more realistic date would be sometime in the first week of August. Of course, this could always change if another piece of equipment is backordered (again), but I feel rather confident in this timeframe.


Q: What can customers look forward to at the new location?

A: A fresh and super-convenient new look and feel that our guests can enjoy while going up and down 89 on their way to or from work, or while working at or frequenting any of the wonderful businesses along the Miracle Mile.


Q: What dining options do you offer?

A: If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that guests are searching for a more digital/order-ahead alternative style of restaurant, preferably without leaving their vehicles. As such, this will be primarily a drive-through–only restaurant. However, to serve the employees and guests of the plaza, the users of the rail trail, and the riders on the bus system (a new bus shelter was just installed in front of the building), we will have a small lobby with self-order kiosks and order-ahead On-The-Go shelving for those using the Dunkin' app.


Q: What's your favorite part about running 89 donuts?

A: I have been working in Dunkin' restaurants since I was 16, starting in high school and continuing throughout college (UNH '07). I am now in my 21st year in the restaurants and have owned them for 14 years (I opened Bradford and Henniker in 2008). This is my life, and I absolutely love what I do. It's not just a slogan when we say that America Runs on Dunkin'. We start our guests' day off in what we try to make the best way possible, fueling them up to tackle whatever the day throws at them. It's a rewarding business where we often see our regulars more than family or friends!


Q: What do you want customers to know about 89 donuts?

A: We are locally owned and locally operated. We are in our restaurants every day working with our crew and our communities.


Q: What is your most popular menu item and why?

A: Iced coffees have long been our most popular beverages, but cold brews and iced espresso drinks are catching up! Our guests now have a more sophisticated palate, and we're excited to rise to the challenge of pleasing them.


Q: What is your favorite menu item and why?

A: While I enjoy a vast majority of our beverages, I tend to be old school with my favorites: a medium hot coffee with milk only and a French cruller donut. That being said, there's nothing quite like a blueberry muffin fresh out of the oven!

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