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A Brief Timeline of Hanover’s History Dating Back To 1761

Jul 11, 2022 02:31PM ● By Rose Terami
The town of Hanover, New Hampshire, began with a royal charter made by Governor Benning Wentworth (the royal governor of New Hampshire) in 1761. At the time, 68 proprietors were living there. Since then, the town has had a rich history, growing into a place bustling with commerce, education, and people.

Here’s a brief timeline of Hanover’s history:

1) Royal charter made in 1761: Hanover now exists as a township.

2) The first settlers of Hanover arrive in 1765 (the Freeman family).

3) Eleazar Wheelock starts the process of opening Dartmouth College in 1769.

4) In 1797, Dartmouth Medical School is founded as the fourth medical school in the country.

5) Hanover Fire Engine Company #1 is established in 1824.

6) The Dartmouth College Green is finished in 1836.

7) In 1859, the first Ledyard Free Bridge goes up between Norwich and Hanover.

8) Howe Library opens in 1900 in the former home of Eleazar Wheelock.

9) In the 1920s to 1930s: many new businesses and services come to town, such as Hanover Elementary School, the Hitchcock Clinic, the post office, Storrs Pond Recreational Area, and more.

10) Dartmouth becomes a coed school in 1972.

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