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Empowering You to Exceed Your Potential - It’s More Than Just a Workout at Synergetic Fitness

Mar 24, 2022 02:29PM ● By By Katherine P. Cox. Photography by Lars Blackmore.
Synergetic Fitness in Lebanon is not your average fitness studio. Owner and trainer Janet Wetzel-Greger takes it up a notch, offering small-group exercise classes, personal training, and open studio for those who want to work out on their own.

What sets her apart from most instructors is that she looks at the whole person and wants to know all about her clients so she can provide them the best experience that will help them reach their health, wellness, and fitness goals.

Owner and Trainer Janet Wetzel-Greger


An instructor for 36 years and a certified personal trainer for 29 years, Janet is passionate about fitness and wellness, and her enthusiasm is infectious. She offers something for everyone, whether you’re new to exercise, returning after time off, or a regular gym rat. She’s not just a trainer but a guide, coach, and cheerleader, helping her clients make healthy choices through goals that are realistic, measurable, attainable, and achievable. Her tagline is “empowering you to exceed your potential.”

Adapting to What People Want

Janet opened Synergetic Fitness in August 2020, after the River Valley Club in Lebanon, where she’d worked for 22 years, closed because of the pandemic in March of 2020. At that time, schools were closed, people were working at home, and she decided to offer free workout classes outside her home on a side street in Lebanon. She offered four classes a week and texted updates about upcoming classes. From 4 to 16 people would text back and she would plan classes according to them and the weather. “It was my way of helping people get through the pandemic and the uncertainty, stress, and frustration; to give them an hour of time for themselves.”

Encouraged to open her own studio, she converted her garage into a small studio that houses all the bells and whistles for every imaginable type of exercise. Because of the small space, group classes are limited to four in the winter, but larger classes are held in the summer when they can move outside. “There’s been an evolution in the fitness industry where people are looking for smaller studios. They want that one-on-one attention; they want small-group workouts. They also want a space they can go to work out on their own without going to a big gym. I was listening to what people wanted and the complexity of their lives and how they were trying to balance self-care, work, and family.” Schedules upended by the pandemic, Janet found that a lot of people turned to personal training and used the open-studio option to suit their needs.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

At Synergetic Fitness, she says, clients get support, commitment, teamwork, and education. “Education is huge,” Janet says. Strength training, cardio training, mobility, flexibility, healthy eating, and lifestyle wellness are all part of her workout plans. All clients are asked to set monthly goals and she provides strategies to keep them on track. The bottom line is that people feel comfortable and safe in a space where COVID protocols are strictly observed. “One of the hardest things was starting a business in the middle of a pandemic. This was a risk. But I believe in what is achieved in here and I believe in what I give my clients, whether it’s quality of life, improved fitness, weight loss, stress management—whatever their reason is for training. Health, wellness, and fitness are the things that are achieved in here.”

With the open-studio option, which costs $40 a month, clients schedule with Janet the times that are convenient for them. She shows them how to use the equipment correctly to ensure they’re safe and that they understand what different pieces of equipment do. Group fitness is punch-card-based—10 classes for $150. Clients book ahead on the website. When she knows who’s coming, “I take a look at what they like, and I try to put a little bit of everything into that workout for all the participants. A lot of time goes into planning those workouts and keeping them varied.”

Looking at the Big Picture

Janet puts the same effort into creating individual programs for her personal training clients and tries to make it affordable. “It was my goal when I opened Synergetic that I make training available for everybody. I have a single session, then I have session packages.” A single training session is $85. Six sessions are $83, 12 sessions are $81 and 24 sessions are $79. She looks at the whole person—who they are, what drives them, what’s going on in their personal and professional lives, their stressors, how they sleep, their lifestyle, if there are any physical issues, what medications they’re on, and why they’re coming to her. “It helps me design their programs.”


While the space is small—12 feet by 22 feet—there is no shortage of state-of-the-art equipment that includes a rowing machine, TRX straps for body-weight suspension strength training, straps of different thicknesses, weighted vests for body-weight exercises, sand bags for functional movements, weighted balls, ropes, Bosu balls, a punching bag, weight bars, kettlebells and dumbbells of all sizes, a TRX RIP trainer, steps and jump boxes of different heights, ab dollies for abdominal work, and an Airdyne bike that works both the upper and lower body. When the warmer weather returns, classes will expand outside again.

Janet practices what she preaches. She works out six days a week and mixes it up, doing strength training three times a week, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, and cycling three times a week. “I’m 54 and I know what it’s like to get older and have to be flexible and reasonable with working out. I love working out.” With Synergetic Fitness, Janet shares that love for fitness and health as well as her vast experience in the field. “Since I opened my own business, I can really be the trainer that I am. I feel like I’m able to meet the needs of my clients in so many different ways that I wasn’t able to do before. It’s so rewarding to see your clients achieve their goals. My clients know that if they need me, I am there.” 

Synergetic Fitness
22 Shaw Street
Lebanon, NH
(603) 667-5563

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