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Fact: The First Reported UFO Abduction FunCase Reported Happened in Franconia Notch

Mar 18, 2022 12:55PM ● By Kaitlyn Malone
It’s fun to look at what noteworthy occurrences made history near to where you live and it just so happens that the first widely reported UFO abduction case was made in 1961 by a couple traveling through Franconia Notch.

Betty and Barny Hill were driving down a remote country road in the New Hampshire White Mountains when they saw a strange light in the sky that seemed to follow them.

Neither could remember two hours of their card ride and what made it more perplexing was that both of their watches had stopped working and their clothes had been damaged with strange substances that could not be identified even in a lab.

It was only under hypnosis three years later that they were able to recall what happened during those two lost hours. They said that shorter gray aliens had led them from their car to a spacecraft where they were examined and tested.

By 1965 the Hill’s experience had become widely publicized as it was the first official report of alien abduction that defined the genre of alien encounters!

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