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Self Care: Get Your Body Feeling It's Best at Strong House Spa

Feb 21, 2022 11:58AM ● By Rose Terami

Everyone deserves a “spa day” once in a while. Even if you’re opting for a nice face mask at home, carve out some time every so often to tend to your body and mind. The benefits of self-care extend beyond external beauty–taking care of yourself will help you to look, feel, and function your best.

Strong House Spa in Quechee, VT has been around since 1994 when Shelly Yusko, a sports injury and chronic pain specialist, and Sheila Armen, a former dental hygienist, purchased the Jedediah Strong House. The mission of Strong House Spa is to promote health and balance through prevention and wellness.

Keep reading to see what type of massage would benefit you most based on how you're feeling.

When You’re Feeling Stressed

Let’s face it–stress isn’t something anyone can avoid altogether. Sometimes stress can even be good, but either way, it wears on the body over time and if it isn’t addressed. If you’re feeling a little more stressed than usual or having trouble managing stress, any type of massage will help you to feel some relief. Strong House Spa offers a Deep Therapeutic Massage beginning at $80 for 30 minutes that will help to restore your range of motion and relieve long-standing stress. The Custom Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage, starting at $70 for 30 minutes, is another good choice. A custom blend of organic oils is used to target tension throughout the body and can also help to ease headaches. 

If Your Muscles are Tense

Muscle soreness is common and can be caused by exercise, stress, or repetitive motion. A combination of massage and heat therapy can help to alleviate your pain. If your muscle pain is caused by exercise or sports, try Strong House Spa’s Sports Massage, beginning at $75 for 30 minutes, which helps speed recovery and aims to make future exercise more comfortable. For non-sports-related muscle tension, the Herbal Infusion Massage, beginning at $140 for 50 minutes, delivers relief from muscle and joint pain and targets inflammation. The Hot Stone Massage ($199 for 80 minutes) uses heat therapy to penetrate soreness and provide full-body relaxation. 

If You’re Feeling Under the Weather or Have Chronic Pain

Illness and lasting pain can take a huge toll on our bodies. If soup and Tylenol aren’t cutting it, a spa-grade massage might do the trick. Shiatsu is a massage technique that comes from Japan and is based on traditional Chinese medicine practices. It views illness and pain as an energy imbalance in the body and aims to restore balance through relaxation. Strong House Spa’s Shiatsu Massage begins at $80 for 30 minutes. The Nerve Reflexology Massage ($150 for 60 minutes) is another great treatment to target recurring pain in certain areas of the body. Strong House Spa targets nerve reflex points on the bones of the feet to relieve the whole nervous system, which extends to nerves in the musculoskeletal, organ, and hormonal systems, and the brain. 

The Strong House Spa is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, and appointments can be made online or by calling (802)-295-1718.  

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