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Get To Know The Gilded Edge: The Upper Valley's Go To Frame Shop

Jan 11, 2022 02:58PM ● By Naomi Green

Photo provided by The Gilded Edge Frame Shop

The Gilded Edge is a popular frame shop in Lebanon, New Hampshire. It was opened in 2007 by picture framer and artist Rob Jenisch and has been flourishing ever since. The shop specializes in bespoke custom framing that suits the price range of every customer.

Gilding is Rob’s passion, and the knowledge and experience he brings allow him to understand the customer’s needs and provide unbeatable service.

Whether you’re looking for a simple frame or an ornate piece, The Gilded Edge will have something to give your art the stunning casing that it deserves.


Frugal Framing

Contrary to popular belief, custom framing does don’t have to be expensive. Frugal Framing is an affordable, personalized service that suits the needs of every customer.

For this service, The Gilded Edge uses molding that is unique and carefully curated. A stylish black frame will always be available, but the Frugal Framing molding is constantly being reinvented. The molding is bought in bulk and each time it is sold out, a new, exciting style is picked for the next collection. This means that any Frugal Frame bought will be a limited-edition piece.

Other Services

In addition to framework Gilded edge also provides another service. Rob works side by side with Everpresent who visit 45 + locations to provide digital orgnaizing services. Many people have their precious family memories on a VHS tape, but may not even have a device to play the tape on. That is why The Gilded Edge is providing a conversion service that will turn your VHS tape into a file stored on a USB stick. This will allow you to plug the USB into your laptop or TV and rediscover your family moments.

Business Hours

The services are now available by appointment only, Monday to Saturday from 10 am- 5 pm. This applies to both pick-up and design meetings. To see examples of their work, please click here.  

Whatever you need help with, The Gilded Edge will help you to bring your artistic vision to life and leave you with a stunning, original piece of craftsmanship.

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