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AVA’s 50th Anniversary Fundraiser: From Seed to Bloom

Nov 04, 2021 09:55PM ● By Naomi Green

Photo from AVA Art Gallery Website.

Since 1973, AVA Gallery and Art Center has provided visual artists with galleries that share and celebrate their work. The projects have been kindly funded by generous individuals, charities, and corporations that have believed in their efforts.

The From Seed to Bloom campaign celebrates 50 years of exhibitions and outreach. The fundraising goal is 2.7 million dollars, and AVA believes that you deserve to know exactly what this money will be used for.


From Seed to Bloom: The Aims

1. Nurturing their Spaces – AVA wants to make sure their spaces look and feel their best so that they will serve creators for generations to come. They plan to put money towards the interior and exterior maintenance of the Carter-Kelsey Building and the Sculptural Studies Building. There are also plans to upgrade both sites, making them even more comfortable, safe, and flexible.

2. Protecting the Precious Environment – AVA knows they can always be greener, and their goal is to implement more environmentally friendly technology in their sites. This is so that both artists and visitors will feel proud and guilt-free when using the facilities.

3. Increasing their List of Programs – the gallery team believes that there is always more that can be done for their loyal artists and art lovers. They are constantly imagining new events that they know their community will love, so donations will be dedicated to this.

4. Improving Financial Sustainability – a bridge loan was secured in order to complete the Sculptural Studies Building, and with the funds raised, AVA plan on repaying the loan in full. This will allow for more money to be spent on their artist’s needs.

5. Expanding Their Workforce – AVA knows that their work is important to their community, which is why they wish to use funds to employ more people, who can help nurture the gallery and network with artists.


How You Can Get Involved

Anyone is welcome to make a charitable donation from the comfort of their own phone, via AVA’s website at

If you would like to get an experience out of your donation, you can visit one of their exciting exhibitions yourself. Or if you’re feeling creative, AVA also hosts regular in-person art classes that will teach you how to use mediums such as clay, pencil, and paint.

After your visit, you can make a donation of any amount in person. This way, you will truly be able to understand the vision that your money will be going towards. For a full list of upcoming exhibitions, please see AVA’s website.

Also, one of AVA’s talented artists, Coralea Wennberg, has kindly agreed that all proceeds from paintings bought from her series Plant Stories, will be given to the From Seed to Bloom campaign. If you would like to purchase any of Coralea’s remarkable paintings, please visit the link below:

Final Thoughts

A donation of any amount, no matter how small or large, would be deeply appreciated by AVA and their community. Despite the aftermath of the pandemic, the team is more eager than ever to create an inviting, safe space for artists and appreciators to join together.

Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary!

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