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Get Creative & Explore Your Creative Side with Artistree

Oct 22, 2021 01:18PM ● By Nyambura

Creativity is the best way to broaden the mind, increase motivation and sharpen problem-solving skills. It is also the fun part of being human. Artistree/Purple Crayon Productions is a platform that lets all and sundry explore their creative side. Through programs, workshops, retreats, and the Artistree community, everyone - adults, teenagers, and children - can delight in finding a hobby or two.

The activities center toward building community and encouraging self-discovery, self-reflection, and appreciation. The community plugs in through participation, sharing, constructive critiquing, self-teaching, and learning together. 

Ceramics Classes

There are age-appropriate classes, workshops, and even a history class on ceramics. The programs' designs ensure optimum interaction, participation, and skill growth. For instance, there is a class without the guidance of an instructor for participants to hone their skills.

Ceramics workshops focus on improving ability, clinics concentrate on problematic areas, and critique sessions are forums for discussing each other's ceramic creations. All these classes nurture skills, stimulate socialization and amplify enjoyment. 

Theatre Arts

All ages can learn the art of public speaking under the theatre art program. The skills come in handy for stand-up comedy aspirants or someone who wants to make a killer speech at a wedding. Over 18s can also explore voice acting audiobooks production, animations, and other forms of narrations. There is also an Adult Basic Moves class for people aged 18 and over. Prior dancing experience is not a requirement. 

Literary Arts

Learn six elements of scene structure for fiction writing. The scene is essential in building a storyline because it operates under a principle needed to mold a narrative. Literary arts guides participants on scene construction - their work receives editorial feedback. 

Culinary Arts

Making food is not just a science - it is also an art. Artistree's programs are tailored to give participants the chef's kiss on their cooking. There are classes for making food for all seasons, Oriental and Mediterranean cuisines, desserts, seasonal snacks like Christmas cookies, and the gingerbread house. Children also learn to make and bake. 


There are Music classes for adults and kids. Adults can sign up for guitar and ukelele classes and music theory - available for anyone above sixteen. Private lessons for all ages for various musical instruments are available.

Kids create band instruments through the Build a Band class. They also learn to play the piano, guitar, and ukulele. Additionally, they are taught digital music production using phones, iPad, and iPhones in a stress-free class. A Music Together program is available for children below the age of five. 

Creative Wellness

ArtisTree provides a serene environment for different types of yoga and basic movement for older teenagers and adults under different classes. The activities foster mindfulness, healing, and relaxation.

Kids get taught meditation. Teens self-explore through expressive art like painting, sketching, pottery, sculpture and hot glass making, and drumming and guitar. For 16-year-olds and adults, programs include Avita, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga, mindfulness training, retreats, and workshops that foster self-reflection, self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment. 

Other programs help the community deal with grief, pregnancy, and other life issues. Under mindful meditation, participants learn from the early teaching of Budha, guided meditation and learn through shared experiences. 


Artistree provides all levels of acrylic painting for both young and old adults. Participants also learn oil painting and Plein air painting, explore the diversity of pastels in painting, figure drawing for adults, and sequencing. Children learn to draw, doodle, scribble and sketch.

Other Programs

Clay Sculpture - create sculpture with clay

Embroidered motifs - create embroidered art using polarized sized landscape images. 

Technical throwing skills - learn the art of making saucers teapots and the Japanese wabi-sabi

Ornament and fiber art-making for kids

Illustration sensation - where kids create their favorite storybook characters

Business Hours

Contact ArtisTree between 9 am to 8 pm.

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