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Fireworks + Pets: How To Make Them Feel Safer

Jun 28, 2021 12:09PM ● By Kaitlyn Malone
Although fireworks are a fun way for people to celebrate and are spectacular to watch, they may cause fear and anxiety in many animals. Here are some ways to reduce the stress your animal experiences and help them to feel as safe and calm as possible.

It is best to keep cats and dogs indoors by the time fireworks begin and can be helpful to create hiding spots in your house where they can go to hide and feel protected. Plan on walking your dog during the day before the fireworks start so they can stay inside once the noise begins. Close windows and curtains and put on music or tv to mute the fireworks sound as much as possible. You can also try to comfort your pets if it helps them to relax but don’t force them to play or come out of their hiding spot as it might cause them more stress. If your dog or cat is highly sensitive, consult your veterinarian for a calming supplement or treat they can take to reduce stress.

For smaller animals that live outdoors, you can partly cover their cages with blankets so that an area is more sound-proofed and provide materials for them to burrow in. For larger outdoor animals such as horses, it is best to keep them in a familiar location and to follow their routine. Remove anything dangerous they could run into if they get startled.  If you can stay with them and keep them company during the fireworks, it can have a calming effect and help to soothe their anxiety.

We love our pets and hope these tips will help alleviate any fear your furry friends may have and keep your pets feeling safe.

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