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Online Extra: Tips On How To Freeze Fruit

Baking pies made with fresh fruit is easy to do during the summer months, but what if you want a fresh peach pie in the middle of winter? Follow the steps here and enjoy delicious fruit pies any time of the year.

1. While fruit is in season, stock up on all your favorites from local farmers’ markets and farm stands.

2. Wash, dry, and then slice the fruit, removing cores, stems, pits, and seeds.

3. Place the cut-up fruit in a single layer on a baking sheet. Freezing the fruit spread out on a tray prevents it from sticking together.

4. Freeze the fruit until fully frozen, at least two to three hours.

5. Once frozen, transfer pieces to a plastic freezer bag. The bags allow you to see what’s inside, and you can label it with the contents and the date. 

Plan on eating frozen fruit within six to nine months. For pies, thaw fruit in the refrigerator or run cold water over the plastic bag. Frozen fruit is also perfect to use in smoothies. Enjoy!

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