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Become A Healthier & Happier You: Try an Online Yoga Class with Expert Nikki VanVoorhis of YogaMari

Apr 23, 2021 07:30PM ● By Kaitlyn Malones
Yoga is a great way to become a healthier and happier you. Nikki VanVoorhis has found this to be true in her life and has dedicated herself to the Ashtanga Yoga practice and to teaching others. She used to teach at Twin Farms resort in Barnard and was the owner of Yogamari, Vermont in Woodstock. Because of the current pandemic, YogaMari Vermont is transitioning to an online integrative wellness center from her home at Shambhala Farm. Nikki and her husband Matt cultivate health and wellness while focusing on a holistic and conscious lifestyle. Check out their website to see everything that they will be offering!

Nikki and Matt have many offerings on their website at Shambhala Farm. Do be sure to check out their yoga classes that help support your connection to your body and mind. They also will be offering meditation tutorials to calm the mind and connect deeper into yourself. They believe it is important to cultivate a lifestyle that promotes wellbeing and an environment and practices that nourish ourselves daily. They will be cultivating an apothecary that offers quality candles, oils, and skin salves, etc. Their website also currently provides you with two playlists to set the mood for any self-nourishing activities you are inspired to do, like reading one of their recommended books!

One of the online yoga classes you should check out with YogaMari Vermont (YMV) is her yin yoga class. This class is for all levels. Nikki will lead you through a series of yin yoga postures, deep stretches, and meditation. Yin yoga is a more passive form of yoga and is slow-moving. It focuses on floor poses held for longer periods of time that targets deep connective tissues. It is therapeutic in nature and relaxing. See her video here: 

You should also take Nikki’s Ashtanga class. She guides you through a modified Ashtanga Half Primary Series with traditional Sanskrit counts. Ashtanga is a more active class that combines building strength, stamina, and flexibility. Ashtanga is a practice that synchronizes breath and movement to create an internal heat designed to purify the body. It is a good workout that also works holistically to create full-body wellness. The class is about 45 minutes long and takes you through standing and floor poses.  You can see her video here:

By getting to know a little bit more about Nikki, you can see how dedicated she is to her practice and her intention to promote wellness on all levels. Nikki VanVoorhis used to work in the music industry in New York and Los Angeles. While living in Los Angeles, she began practicing yoga which became a huge part of her life. When she was diagnosed with a heart condition at age 23, yoga helped in coping with the stress and anxiety of a serious medical condition, and it also inspired her to create big changes in her life and further her spiritual practice.

Nikki was introduced to the Ashtanga yoga method, which provided more structure, stability, and integrity in her everyday life and a deeper connection to herself. She was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga by her partner Matt who was a yoga practitioner himself for 25 years. She moved back home to Vermont and worked on getting her health and life back. She now owns YogaMari Vermont and teaches Ashtanga Yoga as well as created the holistic center at Shambhala Farm with her husband. Nikki received her Level 1 Reiki certification under Reiki Master Moira Notargiacomo and is currently studying aromatherapy at The School For Aromatic Studies in Stuart, Virginia.

Living a more conscious lifestyle and taking the time to nourish yourself with a beneficial yoga practice, and surrounding yourself with quality products and a supportive community, will most certainly uplift your life and well-being. Shambhala Farm will be a great opportunity for people to participate in holistic lifestyle choices and nourish themselves in yoga, music, and books! Taking classes with YogaMari Vermont is an easy way to do something kind for yourself!

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