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Prepping For Back To School: How To Keep Safe And Healthy Amid Covid19

Jul 28, 2020 12:38PM ● By Kaitlyn Malone
This year going back to school means facing some new challenges but it also means new opportunities for being creative in how we connect and support each other! While schools reopen this fall, Hanover School District has put a series of protocols in place to keep, students, teachers, and communities as safe as possible during this time of coronavirus.

Here are 4 easy things YOU can do to prepare for this new school environment and make sure kids have what they need so they can focus on learning. 

Get A Water Bottle

Water fountains will be out of order at school. By making sure kids bring their own water bottles they will have easy access to water and can stay hydrated all day. A reusable water bottle is best, but whatever gets the job done is good! This is important because drinking enough water increases focus, energy levels improves mood, and overall health & wellness. Seriously, it is amazing what a difference staying hydrated makes!

Wear A Mask (Bring an Extra 😉)

 Masks will be required for school and on school busses. Create a fun collection of face masks that have designs and colors your children enjoy and maybe have a family decorating party at home! There are so many great resources online for making your own masks, like this one: . Place an extra face mask in a Ziplock bag and keep it in the school backpack at all times. It will be a backup for you or you can lend it to a friend in need!

Personal Hand Sanitizer

Have your child carries a small personal hand sanitizer so they can pull it out if they need a quick fix. For example, let's say they dropped something on the ground, needed to touch a public structure, or want a snack.  They can sanitize their hands quickly before you proceed with the next activity. Would recommend the key chain sanitizers that clip on to the backpack so they have easy access and a visual cue!

Daily Check-Ins

Talk to your children about taking proper precautions at school. For younger children, review ways to properly care for and remove their mask since they will be more tempted to touch their faces and play with them. Check-in with your kids each day for signs of illness and if they have been in contact with another person who is ill. Review the CDC checklist for step by step guides (

Check out the reopening plan letters from District principals for more info about what our local schools are planning on doing this fall:

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