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Summer of Spritzes: Three Riffs To Try For Your Next Cocktail Hour

Jul 16, 2020 11:41AM ● By Gabrielle Varela
The history of the Spritz dates back to Northeastern Italy, where Austro-Hungarian troops occupied the Veneto region of Italy during World War I. The word spritz refers to the soldiers and foreigners alike who found Italian wine too strong and would add a splash of water or spritzen to their drink.

Starting with water and wine, spritzes have evolved to include many variations, subbing out water for bubbles of all kinds, and creative riffs on the base including fortified wines, amaro, aperitif, making it an exciting and versatile category of drink.

Below are our top 3 Spritzes for the Summer of 2020!


Aperol Spritz

This popular variation is fizzy and uplifting with a bitter orange note from the Italian aperitif Aperol, prosecco for bubbles, and softens with soda water.

Next Level:

Cynar Spritz

Another classic Italian liqueur, a Cynar spritz is a great introduction to the amaro family, a collection of bitter digestifs made from numerous herbs. A Cynar Spritz will give you a bitter, bracing, earthy spritz that pairs well with a splash of soda or bubbles perfect for late summer nights and approaching Fall.

Red, White or Pink:

Vermouth Spritz

Don’t know what to do with that vermouth you bought that one time for that one drink? Fortified wines make for great spritzes. Any vermouth will do with a splash of bubbles and a twist to make for a light, low abv beverage that can range from fruity to floral depending on the base.

With so many variations, the spritz is less a cocktail and more a style. Find one that you love and live your best #spritzlife. Head over to Norwich Wines and Spirits or The Co-op to get all the ingredients to make these refreshing drinks. 

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