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Advice for the Bride-to-Be from Erin

Picture Taken By: Jamie Ivins

Erin Frisch was successful in getting the wedding of her dreams by being very organized and communicating clearly with the team at Hanover Inn and the vendors involved, both local and outside the area. Based on her experience, she offers the following advice to other brides-to-be.

  • Be true to yourself. If you really want something, there’s no harm in asking for it.
  • Stay within your budget. Don’t break the bank because you’ll be uncomfortable thinking about paying for it.
  • Take time to do the little things that really matter.
  • Don’t make yourself crazy trying to please everyone else. It’s your day.
  • I found it helpful to be super-super organized. I kept a folder with all my ideas, concepts, pictures as well as vendor contracts so that I was on top of everything.
  • Lastly, have fun with the planning process; don't take it so seriously. It's a wonderful occasion and normally everything always works out. If it doesn’t, the Hanover Inn has got your back to fix it.

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