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9 Swoonworthy Valentine's Day Gifts for 2020

Jan 30, 2020 11:17AM ● By Gabrielle Varela
Looking for that perfect gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you
covered. Here’s a list of our best Valentine’s gifts to celebrate you and that special someone!

1. Couples massage at The Woodstock Inn & Resort one of the most sought after date ideas year-round, you and your honey can enjoy getting pampered together and the luxury doesn’t stop there! The use of spa services gives a day pass to the rest of the facility. So snuggle up in one of their hot tubs or by the fire in the lounge room.

2.  Tourists? Locals? Vermont Flannel is your one-stop shop for the coziest PJs and plaids for
the season. Come lovers day, their most popular item is the “Vong”, their namesake’s flannel
thong. Last year they ran a special on boxers as well. “There are a bunch of different colors so
couples can match them however,” Says Kayla, a manager at the shop. A fun, festive surprise
for whatever gender you identify with!

3. The old school jewelry selection at Who is Sylvia? Vintage Shop for one-of-a-kind pieces as
unique and special as your S.O.

4. Braving the restaurant scene on Valentine’s Day can be terrifying. And I hate to tell you, if you
don’t already have a reservation...good luck. May I suggest picking up some interesting new
brews at Woodstock Hops N' Barley and some goodies at the Village Butcher Shop. A home beer tasting and BYO charcuterie board makes for the ultimate night in together with the perk of not having to drive!

5. If you’re hot for a bibliophile the Pleasant Street Books & Cards and Yankee Bookshop have some current and rare finds. Find yours a unique copy of their favorite or a new one to look forward to!

6.  Although, if you are thinking of going out, make it unforgettable with drinks at The Ransom Tavern followed up by a sleigh ride with Green Mountain Horse Association.

7. Give a piece of your heart with an old-timey game or a puzzle from the  Woodstock Pharmacy and some flowers or candy.

8. Give your Sugar some sugar! FH Gillingham & Sons General Store has a beautiful display for Valentine’s Day with their most popular gift boxes of Lake Champlain chocolates! “These are the best selling along with the Chocolove bars because when you open the wrapper it has a love poem in there. The red hots are popular and a lot of men come in and buy teas for their loves. Specifically, the Pukka line because they are as pretty as they are yummy.” - Adrianne Flower, General Manager

9. Last but not least, these self-care and beauty products from Clover Gift Shop and Unicorn will
make sure to show your babe some love. Clover has a wide selection of apothecary kits, CBD- infused sugar scrubs, cocktail inspiration for future date nights, cozy pillows, cocktail canteens, and other specialized items to really show your Bb some love. Bring all the good vibes to your relationship with these thoughtful gifts from Unicorn like crystals, salt lamps, jade rollers, pocket knives for that special someone who brings magic to your life.

Inspire us with your own V-day ideas in the comments below!

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