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Staying Focused & Healthy in the Upper Valley This 2020

Jan 10, 2020 03:16PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Courtesy of Upper Valley Yoga.

It's the classic resolution -- to be healthier, and fit, for the new year. Unfortunately, most people find that after the first few weeks of excitement, it's increasingly more difficult to keep up with.

This guide is all about sticking with our healthy goals this 2020! From a discussion with how to make time for health on busy days, to great local gyms in the area to give a try, we found some great locally-focused resources to consider. 

When it comes to building a healthier lifestyle in the Upper Valley, we've got you covered. Read on and get inspired to get active! 

Local Gyms & Personal Trainers

Joining a gym is always a good first step to your health and fitness goal, especially if you have a trainer to help you get started. Here are a few nearby to consider!

Woodstock Athletic Club

1489 South Street, Woodstock, VT
(802) 457-6656

A staple in the Upper Valley, The Woodstock Athletic Club at Woodstock Inn & Resort is the area’s premier facility for health and recreation. They offer all the amenities one needs to stay fit and active. Here, you will also find lessons from USPTA-certified instructors, court rentals, racquetball, swimming, cardio equipment, a movement studio, outdoor trails, fitness and yoga classes, and an indoor pool 一 all under its 42,000-square-foot roof.

SoulShine Training

540 Log Cabin Drive. Woodstock, VT
(802) 369-9335

Jody Eaton is the force behind SoulShine Training. Her goal is to be able to do the splits at 80 years old -- and she wants you to do the same! She is a certified personal trainer, but also offers group classes. Get inspired and give her a try! 

Class-based Studios

Sometimes, it's more motivating to be in a class with other people, and with an instructor that will keep you accountable. Here are some local studios that offer great classes to try. 

Upper Valley Yoga

58 N Main St, White River Junction, VT
(802) 785-4052

At UVY, expect a welcoming and friendly yoga community that's always open to newcomers and visitors. While yoga is a serious practice and takes great effort, UVY believes in making the practice fun and enjoyable. It's their goal to meet each student where they are, to create a welcoming environment for every student at every level, and to have each student leave feeling more connected with themselves, even a little closer to bliss. 

Give yoga a try at Upper Valley Yoga today! 

KDR Fitness

75 Bank St, Lebanon, NH
(603) 727-9092

Sometimes, it takes a group and some challenges to meet your optimal self. Since 2007, KDR has wanted to be known as "the gym for people that don't like gyms." This includes quick workouts, no judgements, a friendly staff, great results, and a supportive culture. They hope to be the place where you can have fun losing weight!

Push yourself in a group setting today! 

Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center

68 Woodstock Rd, Taftsville, VT
(802) 457-7090

It's not necessarily a class, but rock climbing is certainly a unique way to get fit and just might help break the routine that a gym or class provides. Considered Central Vermont's tallest indoor climbing experience, GMRCC has 24 top ropes, 14 lead lines, as well as bouldering available. You can also push yourself to new heights with private lessons, groups, leagues, clinics, pro-shop, guiding and more.

Gear up and give climbing a try this 2020!

Make Time for Better Health on Busy Days

By Family Features

Fitting in time to exercise and eat sensible meals can be impractical, if not impossible, when the demands of daily life get in the way. If busy days limit your ability to live as healthy of a lifestyle as you desire, take charge by squeezing in fitness and smart snacking when and where you can.

Sneak in some exercise. Even on days you can’t make it to the gym, you can find ways to get your body moving. Forego the closest parking spaces and get in a little cardio with a walk into the office or while running errands. Skip the elevator and use the stairs. Swap out your traditional desk chair for a standing desk or a balance ball that lets you get in a little core exercise. Make a point to write down your fitness resolutions and stick to them.
Choose smart snacks on the go. There are plenty of snack foods available that prove you don’t have to choose between great taste and great for you – even when a busy schedule threatens to get in the way. For example, when you need a quick, healthy snack, make a clean choice like Stryve Beef Biltong, a meat snack with a few simple ingredients that is high in protein. Air-dried to retain as much of the protein and flavor as possible with no sugar or preservatives, biltong is just beef and spices. It also contains no MSG, nitrates, gluten or other artificial ingredients. Biltong also works in popular high-protein, low-carb eating plans like keto and paleo.

Drink more water. Staying hydrated is essential for good health, and since you can carry water with you nearly any place you go, it takes virtually no extra time at all. Proper hydration helps keep skin supple and your body systems functioning properly. Water also helps you feel full; in fact, people often mistake the body’s natural craving for more water as hunger. Keep a bottle of water at your desk and refill it often. If you have trouble guzzling at least 64 ounces a day, set reminders on your phone or computer to keep you on track.

Make meal prepping more fun. If planning an entire week of meals seems like a chore, make it more entertaining by sharing the duty with a friend or incorporating the whole family. Having meals and snacks ready to go for the week ahead makes it less tempting to grab quicker, less healthy options when a busy day sneaks up on you.

Carve out mental health time. It may seem counter-intuitive but forcing yourself to grab a few minutes of down time can actually make you more productive. Turn off or mute your devices and take a break. You might use the time to collect your scattered thoughts into an efficient to-do list or simply meditate to give your brain a break before you head to bed so you can wake up refreshed for another day.

What gets you motivated when it comes to your health goals? Let us know in the comments?

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