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Reading & Dogs: Why not combine the two?

Studies show that both reading and spending time with your canine companion can help to combat the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Why not combine the two? Not only will it be beneficial to your health, but it is also a fun, but relaxing activity that can help strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

However, the benefits of reading to dogs don’t stop there. Many studies have shown that reading to dogs is also a great way to improve self-confidence and public speaking skills. This is because it provides an opportunity to speak out loud, but without the judgment of human company.
Recognizing the benefits that they can bring, there are also many in-school programs that allow children to read with a dog. Most children have a natural affinity that allows them to bond with a canine friend, children are less self-conscious as dogs aren’t judgmental, and it can decrease the stress that a child would normally feel when reading aloud in the classroom environment.

Reading sessions with dogs have been shown to help kids develop focus and concentration, cultivate a positive attitude toward school and expand their vocabulary and fluency by as much as 30 percent.


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