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An Inside Look at Emily Kuvin's Unique Journey To The Upper Valley

Aug 17, 2018 12:24PM ● By Linda Ditch
Emily Kuvin first found her passion for jewelry design in high school. However, it wasn’t until years later after working a variety of vocations, that she made it her career. Now, for the past three years, she has made jewelry in the Upper Valley. With two signature collections and many private orders, Emily has kept busy. She did take a moment out of her schedule to answer a few questions about her work:

Q: I saw on your website that journalism was your field of study in college, but you started designing jewelry in high school. What about jewelry design drew you to pursuing it as a career?

A: Actually, I studied English and history as an undergrad. I have a master’s in journalism, and I worked in television news for several years before going to law school, practiced law for a few years, and then worked in philanthropic communications for ten years. Along the way, I started making jewelry again and have now been working at building my business full time for less than three years. I have always loved combining colors and textures in interesting ways and seized the opportunity to pursue this passion when it made sense for my family (shortly before we moved to the Upper Valley).

Q:  In high school, how did you start out making jewelry? What materials did you use?

A: In high school, I strung beads on dental floss, believe it or not! It's a very strong material, and I worked with those tiny India glass beads. I became known for my colorful necklaces and soon had all my friends wearing my work!

Q: Do you have favorite metals or stones to work with?

A: Well, I do love gold and diamonds! But I also really enjoy creating color combinations that are unexpected but not jarring. I like working with rose gold as well, and silver and white gold are always sleek and clean looking. One of my current favorite combinations is yellow gold, turquoise, and diamond. I have a few different pieces using that combination.

Q:  Is there a piece you made that you are most proud of?

A: To be honest, there is no one piece I am most proud of. I am very proud of both the Stella Collection and the Classical Collection because I feel as if I’ve “arrived” as a designer by presenting entire collections that each have a point of view. I like to think my jewelry is very wearable and always elegant, yet it has just a little “je ne sais quoi,” or a little edge. It also works beautifully layered, stacked, and mixed and matched.

Q: I see you work directly with clients. What can they expect when you meet with them?

A: My business is a mix of ready-to-wear and semi-custom pieces. I maintain an inventory of many of my designs but often take orders for my clients as well. When I consult with a client, we could be discussing an occasion or a particular outfit that needs the perfect jewelry, or a gift for herself or someone else, or just the right colors and stones she wants to use. It’s really a very personal conversation to give me an idea of what will really make the client happy. 

Q: What are some common styles that clients want you to create?

A: Usually, we create something that may be part of one of my existing collection, but incorporates something personal in the piece. For example, I recently created a gold Stella necklace for a client using an opal she bought in Australia. The stone was very special to her, and she had been admiring the Stella design for a long time. It's a perfect fit!

Q: Anything else you’d like readers to know?

A: I am lucky to work doing something I love! I am still new to the Upper Valley, and I welcome the opportunity to meet people and talk about jewelry and entrepreneurship anytime. My website is and my email is [email protected]


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