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Director of the Snow Sports School at Dartmouth Skiway Shares Some Insights

Jan 12, 2018 05:19PM ● By Linda Ditch
If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, or if it’s been a while since you were last on the slopes, the Dartmouth Skiway Snow Sports School can help you out. Their instructors can teach you how to maneuver if you’re a beginner, get your feet under you again if it’s been a while, and increase your skill level if you’re a seasoned slope veteran.

Sean Norton, Snow Sports School Director, shares in an email some insights on why taking lessons at the school is a good idea, no matter what your age or skill level:

Q: Why is taking a class at the school better than learning to ski or snowboard from a friend or family member?

A: We are certified trained professionals who can make it very easy and stress-free for someone to learn the sports we love. Learning from a family member can come with a lot of baggage or drama, and the person taking the lesson can get frustrated easily. When the student is very young, they may not listen to the parent who is teaching them the lesson either, whereas we are a “new face.”

Q: What are some concerns beginners have when starting out?

A: A lot of people are concerned with just learning a new sport in general. Yes, heights, speed, age, and weather are other fears, but the most common one we see is learning the new sport. As instructors, our aim is to provide a very stress-free environment.  

Q: Is it difficult for kids to learn to ski or snowboard? What is a good age to start?

A: Having a child start skiing or snowboarding at a young age is great for learning the sport and developing a lifelong skill, as well as skills that can be applied to other aspects of life. Three to four years old is when most children around this area learn to ski. For snowboarding, seven to nine is the best age to start, as it requires different muscles to be developed. 

Q: How would an experienced skier or snowboarder benefit from lessons?

A: You are never too old to learn new skills. The ski technology has also changed a huge amount since shaped skis were brought onto the scene, and now with the “rockered” ski and board technology, it is even easier to learn these great sports. We see a lot of people who haven’t skied in 25 years or more, and with this new ski technology, they find it even more enjoyable than when they first learned. As instructors, we are always learning new skills ourselves that can be applied to everyday skiing and riding.

Q:  Anything else you’d like to add?

A: This year has been a great snow year to start – cold, but lots of snow. Come on out and visit us on the slopes!

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