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The Upper Valley Humane Society: A Vital Service to the Community

Nov 06, 2017 10:39AM ● By Victoria Pipas
Having a pet brightens your life. Whether a poodle licks your face to wake you up each morning or a goldfish on your bathroom counter inspires philosophical musings as you brush your teeth, or a calico cat snuggles into your lap as you settle into an easy chair at night, pets remind us of the special bond between the human and animal world.

Studies have concluded that owning a pet improves mental, physical, and emotional health. Need another reason to add an animal companion to your life? How about the fact that the Upper Valley Humane Society makes it easier than ever to find the right pet for every person?

The Upper Valley Humane Society at 300 Old Route 10, Enfield, New Hampshire, is a nonprofit organization that offers a number of pet-related services, but its best known for its adoption service. By completing a personality and interest survey, you will be matched with a pet that best suits your needs and goals.

You might also be interested in browsing the listings, complete with photos, of available pets offered by the UVHS. Pets are well cared for at UVHS, which means they come to you healthy and ready to share your home and your life. All dogs, cats, and rabbits are neutered or spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations at the time of adoption.

Fees to adopt pets reflect this good treatment and veterinary care, but still remain affordable since the goal is to place every adoptable animal in a loving and forever home. Adoption fees (profits go directly into supporting other animals at the shelter) range from $10 for birds to $400 for puppies under 6 months of age. See the full fee list here. The center also hosts a “Barn Cat Program,” which allows you to adopt an outdoor feline who would prefer to live in a larger, less constrained environment such as a barn where he or she can have access to the great outdoors and come and go at will.

Adoption is only one of the many services offered by the UVHS. Spay/neuter clinics, rabies clinics, and dog-training classes allow you to maintain the health and good standing of your pets even after you have taken them home. And if problems arise as your new pet acclimates to a new home and family, the experts at UVHS will be there with advice, tips, and ideas to assist you with the transition.

The society also generously maintains a Food Pantry stocked with different varieties of pet foods as well as other pet essentials such as bowls, toys, collars, leashes, etc. If you are in need of any supplies, the pantry is open to all, and if you have an extra dollar to spare or gently used items that your own pets no longer use, consider donating to the pantry to help keep it well stocked for others.

Never resting on its laurels, the Upper Valley Humane Society now offers even more community engagement events. Starting in the summer of 2016, summer camps for children ages 9–13 have been held to promote and foster kindness and good stewardship toward all living creatures. Kids have the chance to interact and care for animals and to learn more about their life and health, as well as engaging in fun animal-themed activities. For more information on the camps, see a full description here.

Internships and job shadowing are also available for older students or young adults who want to learn more about the work done at the UVHS. The Partners in Humanity Program is a network of organizations whose interests are shared by the UVHS. This includes work done with WISE and the Upper Valley Haven to share unused materials and resources and partnership with local police and fire departments to support pet owners during times of personal or weather-related problems.

The UVHS could not continue its vital work without the many volunteers who donate hours and labor. Volunteer opportunities are numerous; whether you prefer to help handle and care for animals or clerical jobs like stuffing and mailing envelopes, there is a position for you. Check out the volunteer page to learn more about potential opportunities to lend a hand. If you’re short on time but still want to contribute to the cause of supporting the lives of homeless animals, consider a financial donation to the UVHS; every little bit helps.

To find out more about current or upcoming events at the UVHS and to stay in the loop with images of adorable adoptable pets, check out their UVHS Facebook page.  

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