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Meet Hanover Farmers Market’s New Manager

Aug 08, 2017 06:11PM ● By Linda Ditch
A great deal of planning goes into each week’s Hanover Farmers Market. This summer, Jodi Lenning is the person in charge of making it all happen as the new market manager. She answered a few questions about herself, the market, and what the future holds.

Q: What were you doing before you took over as the farmers’ market manager?

A: I taught elementary school in Illinois, and I was also very active with various nonprofit organizations. I moved to New Hampshire in 2015. Since moving here, I have been trying to find where I belong in the community. This past school year was my first in the Special Education department at Hanover High School. I enjoyed the year very much and will continue in the coming school year.

Q: What appealed to you about the job?

A: What appeals to me most is the opportunity to contribute to the community and support local farmers and small businesses. I have a sincere interest in supporting local businesses. Many of my close relatives were farmers, so I naturally want to support the farming industry, but I also realize that farmers are vital community members. They supply grocery stores and markets with food so we can eat. Farmers make our lives possible by providing our families with nutritious meals.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for a community to have a farmers’ market?

A: I think a farmers’ market is important because it provides the freshest, most nutritious produce, meat, and dairy products, all produced locally. Local is important. When we buy from local farmers, we support our own community members, and the food is grown near where we live, so it isn’t transported thousands of miles and exposed to contaminants.

Also, it brings community members together. We provide a venue for people to gather, enjoy time together, and meet the skilled people who produce our food. Every week, I see people meeting at the market to enjoy dinner, entertainment, see old friends and make new friends, and take home amazing cheese, sausage, syrup, salads, and desserts. As a teacher, I am thrilled to see children at the market because they get a better sense of where their food really comes from.   

Most importantly, the market brings the producers and consumers together. We also have many vendors selling crafts, such as jewelry you can’t find anywhere else, yarn produced on a local farm, and beautiful artwork. Our community sponsors make it possible for us to enjoy local bands who share their music. We have such a wonderful, diverse group of artisans.

Q: What is your vision for the future of the market?

A: My vision for the future of the market includes adding family activities and celebrations to kick off and end the farmers’ market season. I hope to increase public awareness about our market and vendors through advertising and special activities at the market. Additionally, I hope to increase the number of Ag vendors.

The Hanover Farmers’ Market is held every Wednesday from 3 to 6pm on The Green through October 10. Visit the website for details (

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