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Spring Decorating Adds Modern Luster to Nature’s Timeless Beauty

Mar 09, 2016 02:16PM ● By Ryan Frisch
David Cleveland and Robert Jensen, of Winslow Rollins Home Outfitters and its sister company Robert Jensen Floral Design, identify the biggest trends they’re seeing this spring. These two veterans of the theater see nature in a staring role. 


Nature as Chief Design Officer

“Since we opened the store we’ve seen a groundswell of interest in goods that evoke nature,” David says. “We’re seeing big demand for glassware and dishes etched with scenes of nature or candlesticks that look like tree branches. Many of these items have touches such as metallic finishes to give them a bit of a sheen. It’s mixing a playful, modern element with the timelessness of nature.”


Cooks Give Handmade a Thumbs-Up

People often are yearning for things that evoke somewhat calmer times, Dave notes. “Simple things made well are big for the kitchen this spring. It might be a one-of-a-kind cutting board or beautiful hand-hewn pitcher that delivers a jolt of satisfaction every time you use it. There is some nostalgia there but also immense practicality in having well-made items that last.”


Inventive Arrangements Infuse Flowers with New Power

Robert sees greater interest in flowers and arrangements that go beyond the predictable. “People are tiring of pro forma arrangements and are looking for more inventive combinations that not only introduce some new stars to the flower lineup but also turn heads as the weather starts to feel like spring.”


Seasonal Candle Scents Delight The Senses

Candles that give off seasonally appropriate, natural scents also are in high demand, according to Robert. “We’re seeing a lot of people wanting to jumpstart spring by burning a candle that gives off the smells of the earliest-blooming flowers or even the salt in the air from a day at the beach.”


Locavores Show an Appetite for a Story That Hits Home

Dave believes people want new things that bring joy but also that have a story. “Much of what we see demand for are those things that are handcrafted or locally made — or even just made in the U.S. — so that the provenance of the piece becomes as much a part of its enjoyment as its function. It’s got to have a story.”


Au Naturel is De Rigueur

“The sequel to the handcrafted story is one of environmental sustainability,” Dave says. “Things made by hand out of natural, renewable, and simple materials look great and bring the beauty of our fragile world inside.” Robert agrees: “Whether it’s bowls made of reclaimed boards or picture frames crafted of driftwood, the environmentally friendly, low-carbon items are generating ever more buzz.”


Blues Cast Aside Winter Doldrums

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in springtime colors of blue and yellow,” says Robert. “And, of course, greens that are the color of new grass are always a delight in spring. Many people coming to New Hampshire are getting out of the city for a break, and these colors are what they expect to find. Even for those here full-time, these are the colors we need about now.”


Recycle The Catalog and Draw Your Own Inspiration

“The other main trend we see is a desire for a more eclectic look, not one that comes from a catalog,” says Dave. “The cold and calculated aesthetic of some severely modern or overly prescriptive looks can feel, well, cold and calculated. A less-austere style that celebrates a diversity of tastes makes for a more relaxing and inviting environment. Interestingly, we’re seeing parallels in the culinary world. The focus on comfort food, local food, and slow food in many ways mirrors the desire for enticing experiences in the look of the home. These things all take you back to your comfort zone. It’s a small reset button in a frenetic and oftentimes troubled world.”


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